The game of marbles

Do you remember the passion, adrenaline and involvement felt every time you stood on the playground against your opponent with a marble in your hand? Even then, when you had given your best, and you had won, that was usually good for just two days of the playground bragging rights. And so it remains; if you want to keep your prize, you need to win over and over again which takes practice, expertise and devotion to details.

When we had founded BrightMarbles, we took the liberty to use marbles as a symbol of our core values. There is always a chance that one day in the future one of us might forget how crazy the first years were. So now, whenever one of us seems about to let their guard down, all he needs is a glance at the name and logo of the company to be taken back to the beginning and to feel the energy
of those early days again.

One thing is blissfully obvious to anyone who walks through our front doors:

We know how to play a game and how to have a good time.