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It’s a workday, you’re rushing to prepare breakfast for your kids, and already imagining fastening their seatbelts in your car, and heading to their preschool to drop them off, even thou they haven’t even started with their breakfast yet. You’re nervously glancing at your watch every minute or so, you have to be at work in 30 minutes, and it’s a rush hour, you won’t make it, you're stressing out of your mind.
No matter if this is the case with you now or not, your working hours will always find a way to stress the hell out of you.
Studies have shown that introducing flexible working hours can reduce stress caused by work-life balance, so we did introduce them some 3 years ago (when was the BrightMarbles founded…yeah, in 2016, so then).

How are flexible working hours implemented at BrightMarbles?


First of all, you as a colleague could come to work any time from 8-10am. Workday is 8 hours long, including 45 minutes lunch break. If you’d require different working hours, we can talk about it, we’re open to suggestions.

Our offices are located near the city center (Novi Sad city center), which is also helpful, cause if you have some errands to run (bank, post office, shopping…), everything is near, and we’re flexible about leaving the office during work hours, as long as you’re responsible towards your tasks.

Flexible working also means you’d have a couple of days to work from home (or local beach, another city, or even country) a month – but we’ll cover this benefit some other time.

Flexible working hours are just one of the perks we offer to our colleagues. As is stated in our mission one of the aims we strive to is to create a safe and stress-free environment for our colleagues and that’s what we do on our day-to-day basis.

If you have any questions about working at BrightMarbles, just let us know at jobs@brightmarbles.io, and we’ll be happy to chat.