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Front-end Developer

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Front-end Developer

We are looking for a Front-end developer to work alongside us. An engineer, ready to tackle tasks of different levels of complexity, to explore possible solutions, technologies... We’re offering our support, mentoring, experts, budget and other resources to enable you to broaden and deepen your expertise.

In addition to putting a high emphasis on technical stuff, responsibility as a way you approach the work, personal integrity, and ability to collaborate with others well, is a perfect mix for us. 
As our colleague, you’ll be responsible for all aspects of software development, starting from client communication, the definition of the requirements, development, and in some cases maintenance.

Job description

- Build scalable, distributed, fault-tolerant systems and solutions according to client requirement
- Develop new, user-focused features according to client requirements
- Communicate with clients
- Participate in technical design, code reviews, planning
- Prototype systems that meet the project quality standards and requirement
- Keep up with industry technology trends

Your profile

- 4 + years of front-end development experience
- Proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript
- 2 + years of experience in React/Redux
- Proficiency in TypeScript or FlowType
- Fluid communication in English

Benefits of joining BrightMarbles

- Attractive salary assessed according to technical knowledge and seniority level 
Junior from 800e to 1400e gross
Medior from 1400e to 2200e gross
Senior from 2200e to 3000e gross
- 25 vacation days per year (no matter what level of seniority you are)
- Work-life balance. You are in charge of your free time, and if there's a need to work overtime, you are free to refuse without any repercussions. Every hour spent working overtime will be compensated as per law.
- Flexible work hours (start any time from 8-10AM, or according to your obligations at a project)
- Working on exciting and challenging projects. If you realize after a while that the project you're working on isn't your cup of tea, please feel free to let us know. We will do our best to find a different project.
- Casual dress code
- Modern and cozy office space with an excellent location (Danila Kiša Street)
- Possibility to travel to foreign countries (if traveling is something you strive for)

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No matching positions? Apply anyway


No matching positions? Apply anyway

BrightMarbles is a melting pot of languages, engineers, dreamers and remarkable individuals. We learn from each other and laugh with each other. We enjoy solving complex challenges and celebrating success together. Sounds interesting?

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Selection process or 'What to expect' 

Hiring new employees is an important process at BrightMarbles since we’re selecting people we’ll spend 8h each workday with. Our goal is to assess your knowledge, the capacity to learn, teamwork capabilities, and how conscientiousness. 

So, how does the process looks like? After we've received your CV or LinkedIn profile, we will compare it against our open positions, and get in touch with you. If we have an open position that fits your profile, we'll schedule testing. We'll get to you either way. 

Testing will cover basic programming knowledge. We are interested in the way you think. If you did successfully on the test, we'll schedule an interview, where you'll have a chance to talk with some of our colleagues in an informal, comfortable atmosphere. The next step is HR interview. There are no right and wrong answers here, we're just looking forward to knowing you better, and how would you fit in our culture. 

If all the above is successful, our CEO will talk with you and we'll set the ground for mutual cooperation.

Why we think you'd like to work with us

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